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Delivery Information & Returns

  •  Terms & Conditions for Returns and Refund

    ·         Return” is defined as the action of giving/sending an item/units comprising an order/shipment back to  Fabricvilla  purchased by the buyer on the Fabricvilla Application/Website. The following situations may Result in a return being requested

    ·         Quality specifications of more than 5% of the units comprising an order/shipment, do not match the quality specifications of the (prototype) sample previously sent to the buyer, or seen by the buyer.

    ·         Functional defects in more than 10% of the units comprising an order/shipment Products do not match the product related specifications/details mentioned in the PO/Order Sheet relayed by Fabricvilla to the supplier (after the same has been reviewed by the buyer/buying party). Quality specifications here are defined by details mentioned in the PO/Order Sheet relayed by Fabricvilla to the supplier (after the same has been reviewed by the buyer/buying party)

      Conditions for Return Order

    Shipments are eligible for return from Buyer if:

    •  Any of the previously mentioned situations arise at the time of inspection by Fabricvilla (or any Fabricvilla appointed Third-Party) at Port of Origin/Seller’s Office/Warehouse/Factory.


    •  Any of the previously mentioned situations arise at the time of inspection by Buyer, within a period of 15 days from dispatch at the (Buyer’s) destination port (after customs clearance).


    •  Fabricvilla appointed (internationally-accredited) Third-Party Quality Inspection Agency has reviewed, verified, and confirmed that units/products comprising an order/shipment is subject to any of the previously mentioned situations (“The following situations may result in a return being requested: a-c”)
    •  Defective units/products comprising an order/shipment must be in their unused, original condition, with original tags still on, and in the original packaging.


    Sellers & Buyers are obliged to allow Fabricvilla or a Party appointed by Fabricvilla to inspect the quality of all (or a part therein) of the units comprising an order, prior to dispatch from Seller’s Factory/Warehouse/Office/Port of Origin; or at the Buyer’s Destination Port/Warehouse (only if the The buyer has initiated a complaint/the return process).

    Details of the appointed (internationally-accredited) Third Party Quality Inspection Agency will be divulged prior to an inspection taking place.

            The Return Process:

    •  To initiate the Return process, the Buyer needs to send an email to the customer support team a b2b (or to the Account Executive who s/he has been communicating with from the Fabricvilla team), along with details of defective/scrutinized units comprising an order/shipment.
    •  Subject to the order value, quantity, and where the Buyer is located, the Fabricvilla (internationally accredited) Third-   Party Quality Inspection Agency will reach out to the Buyer to inspect the products.
    •  Only once our (internationally-accredited) Third-Party Quality Inspection Agency has verified that units/products comprising an order/shipment are functionally defect/compromises or mismatches the originally promised quality (or is subject to any of the previously mentioned situations (“The following situations may result in a return being requested: a-c”) will the order be processed for a return? While the (internationally-accredited) Third-Party Quality Inspection Agency undertakes an inspection, Fabricvilla will inform the seller that his goods are being reviewed.
    •  Having assessed the report generated by the Third-Party Quality Inspection Agency, and shared the same with the Seller; the Fabric Villa team will issue a Return Notice to the Seller. The Fabricvilla team will manage and ensure that all the refunds are processed, and will transfer Order related payments from


                Seller to Buyer.

    • The Fabricvilla Team will bear costs and manage all reverse logistics processes up until the point of bringing the returned products to a designated location (agreed upon between Fabricvilla and Seller), in the manner which will not further compromise the quality of the units/products comprising the order/shipment being returned. Beyond the designated location, Fabricvilla and the Buyer forsake all liability and ownership of the order/shipment, and it is the obligation of the Seller to bear costs and manage transport to their factory/warehouse.
    •  Seller is obliged to settle all reverse payments (i.e. from Seller to Fabricvilla) for return orders, within period of 7 working days from the time a Return Notice has been issued by Fabricvilla to the Seller.


               The Refund Process 

           The Fabricvilla team will manage and ensure that all the refunds are processed and will transfer Order related payments from Seller to Buyer.. All refunds shall be made via the original payment the mechanism to the party (Buyer) who made the original payment at the time of placing the Order.

    •  The processing of payment will take place within a period of 7 working days from the time a Return Notice has been issued by Fabricvilla to the Seller. This process is also subject to delays and legal processes followed by the respective banks and/or payment method & channels selected by the Buyer.
    •  Buyer can check the status of a refund by reaching out to the support team at b2b. 
    •  All refunds are conditional upon Fabric Villa’s acceptance of a valid return of the order/shipment.
    •  We reserve the right to modify the mechanism and conditions for processing refunds at any time without notice, and on a case-by-case basis.


    The courts of India, Mumbai have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any Return, Refund or Delivery relate dispute between Fabricvilla (Fabricvilla) and Buyer; or Fabricvilla (Fabricvilla) and Seller.

    The Company also reserves the right to modify, add or remove any clauses in these Terms or Conditions without prior notice. Any modifications, additions or removals however will be immediately reflected on the Fabricvilla Application and Website.